Incident Management & Investigations

No organisation has perfect security. Even if you have exactly the right balance for your organisation’s business context, things will still go wrong. Accident, targeted malice or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause serious impacts to a business.

Generally, there are three priorities for most businesses:

  • Stop the business harm – get your systems back to normal operations.
  • Understand what has happened and why.
  • Prevent or, if that isn’t possible, reduce the harm from future incidents.

Particularly in the regulated sectors or if an incident results in the compromise of personal data, it is essential that you have an appropriate analysis and plan of corrective actions to present to the regulator and, if appropriate, to your customers.

We can help with all of these or, if you are not currently involved in an incident, assist you with developing appropriate internal procedures and external collaborations to ensure that, if the worst does happen, you are appropriately prepared to respond quickly and effectively.

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